UVT 2323-AL Replacement UV Lamp for Mark Andy Printer

UV Lamp 10″ Arc Length

The UV Lamp 10″ Arc Length- Replacement for UVT-2323-AL is a UV lamp bulb that exceeds OEM standards of bulb performance.

UV curing is a process where high-intensity UV rays helps in instantly drying or curing coatings or inks in the printer. With the usage of light instead of heat, the ink hardens and dries instantly. Curing inks using UV rays is widely used as an alternative to traditional solvent-based products. Conventional drying methods (the ones that use heat to dry) works only when the solvents are evaporated, which meant that there was always a risk of environmental pollutants. In the UV curing method, however, there no process of evaporation and no pollution created. The result is greater productivity, higher quality printing and lower production costs.


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