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GALLUS SERVOSTAR S300/S346 Servo Drive



Technical description

The S300 family of digital servo amplifiers

Standard version
Two voltage classes with large nominal voltage range
1 x 110V-10% … 3 x 230V+10% (SERVOSTAR 303-310, S3xx6)
3 x 208V-10% … 3 x 480V+ 10% (SERVOSTAR 341-346, S3xx0)
Overvoltage category III acc. to EN 61800-5-1
Shielding connection directly on the servo amplifier
Two analog inputs onboard
CANopen onboard (default: 500 kBaud), for integration in CAN-bus systems and for
setting parameters for several drives via the PC interface of one of the amplifiers
Slot for an expansion card
RS232 and pulse direction interface onboard
Restart lock STO for functional safety onboard, p. 37
Intelligent position controller onboard
Multi feedback support
Synchronous servomotors, linear motors, asynchronous motors, high frequency spindles
and DC motors can be used

Power section
Directly on grounded 3-phase supply, 110V-10% or 230V-10% up to 480V+10%
TN-network or TT-network with grounded neutral point, 42kA max. symmetrical current
rating, connection to other supply types only via isolating transformer, p.58
B6 bridge rectifier, integral supply filter and soft-start circuit
Single-phase supply operation possible (e.g. for setup)
Fusing (e.g. fusible cutout) to be provided by the user
Shielding All shielding connections are made directly on the amplifier
Output stage IGBT module with floating current measurement
Brake circuit with dynamic distribution of the regenerated power between
several amplifiers on the same DC bus link circuit. Internal
brake resistor as standard, external brake resistors if required.
DC bus link voltage 135 … 450 V DC or 260 … 900 V DC,
can be connected in parallel.
Interference suppression filters are integrated for the electrical supply feed and the
24V auxiliary supply voltage (with motor cable 10m for C2 as per EN 61800-3, with
motor cable > 10m for C3 as per EN 61800-3).