part # A38419N

Replacement Ultraviolet Curing Bulb for Honle Curing Systems, model no A38419N

This Iron Doped Ultraviolet lamp is 100% compatible with bulbs used in the Honle UV Curing Lamp model number UVH 10522/90 F-51N. Put simply this bulb is a great alternative to the original bulb because not only is it equivalent in every way but it also cost effective.

Bulb Application

  • High Quality Curing

One of the important features of this curing bulb is that it is Iron Doped. This means that this bulb is coated with an iron derivative resin that affects the conduction of the ultraviolet rays. Specifically this feature lets infrared rays pass while concentrating the ultraviolet rays for a more intense and effective cure.

  • Quartz glass cover

This bulb also has a quartz glass sleeve that stops air and water flow infiltration into the bulb. It also prevents breakage and leakage. Most importantly this quartz composition is able to withstand the high temperatures that would be generated in normal operation of industry use.

  • Long bulb life 

Combined with other chemical compounds like argon, the mercury lamp has a long life, able to provide a minimum of 1000 hours of usage.

Bulb Specifications

  • Fill: Mercury 
  • Quartz: Standard
  • Watts:
  • Total Length:
  • Arc Length: 41.5 inches (105 mm)
  • Base: End cap
  • Base Description: wire on left and right each

Additional information