part # A31698N

Replacement Bulb for Honle UV Curing Systems Lamp 17″ Arc Length for Honle System part # A31698N

Bulb Applications

This bulb, of OEM quality, effectiveness and efficiency, is an exact match replacement for bulbs used in Honle UV Curing Systems. This bulb is an appropriate fit replacement for bulbs used in Honle curing systems used in the following industries: electrical, optical, automotive, medical devices and manufacturing.

Bulb Features

  • Mercury Vapor Bulb Interior

This premium item contains a mercury vapor bulb. This feature has the unique property of producing the high wavelength emission of light necessary to effect a prime curing finish. And with 17 inches of arc length you’ll have a sufficiently broad curing length.

  • Quartz glass cover

This bulb also has a quartz glass sleeve that stops air and water flow infiltration into the bulb. It also prevents breakage and leakage. Most importantly this quartz composition is able to withstand the high temperatures that would be generated in normal operation of industry use. This bulb also features ceramic end caps with wires to mount and connect the bulb easily.

  • Long bulb life 

Combined with other chemical compounds like argon, the mercury lamp has a long life, able to provide a minimum of 1000 hours of usage. With this replacement bulb you’ll have the high output and better service life necessary for your business.

Bulb Specifications

Arc length: 17 inch (432 mm)
Total length: 26.5 inches (673 mm)
End caps: ceramic


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