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Part #A17475N
Durst Rho

Guaranteed 100% Compatible Replacement Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp

Our Durst Rho 500R A17475N UV Curing Lamp Bulb is a high quality Durst Rho printer lamp bulb that is cost effective and at the same time eco-friendly. It provides worry-free printing results at all times. The UV curing lamp is a guaranteed 100% compatible replacement lamp for the Durst Rho 500R UV Flatbed printer and is compatible with the following part numbers:

  • A17475N
  • 1873130
  • 500R
  • 500-R
  • 500/R
  • Durst Rho 500R
  • Durst Rho 500-R
  • Durst Rho 500/R
  • H12K5F2

System Application 

  • Durst – Rho312R
  • Durst – Rho500R

The 12″ UV replacement lamp is manufactured in the USA and is a quality solution that has a predictable lifespan. It helps in drying coatings of inks in graphics and signs. CureUV provides UV lamp for printers in different arc length and spectral fills. The UV lamp has a quartz plate that works as filler between the lamp and the system. This plate prevents dirt, grit and contaminants from building up on the lamp.

The replacement lamps are a major component in the print drying system. A quartz plate is usually placed between the lamp and the substrate and does not absorb the UV rays unlike ordinary glass plate but reradiates the rays at a temperature lower than the lamp. Curing bulbs do not release volatile organic compounds in air which makes them an extremely eco-friendly alternative. The curing bulbs are subject to strict quality control measures to ensure that you get only the best.


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