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Part # 45836

Replacement UV Curing Bulb for GEW Press Model S6351, part number 45836/part number S11544
This is an exact match replacement UV curing bulb for the GEW Press systems, Model No S6351. If your GEW Press system requires part number 45836 or S11544, then this generic bulb will function as replacement with the exact same specifications, both in power and fit, as the original bulb. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive replacement that will keep your production optimally running then CureUV has was you’re looking for!

  • Bulb Application
  • Iron Doped

Ordinary UV lamps generate irradiance from a wide range of the UV spectrum. That includes Infrared rays, which typically generate and increase the heat of a production system. Over time, this increased heat can damage the production process. To prevent this this bulb is coated with an iron substrate, which allows the necessary UV rays to pass through optimally while blocking the unhelpful Infrared rays.

Bulb Specifications
Arc Length: 12 inch (305mm)


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