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Part # 3217B16

Guaranteed 100% Compatible Replacement Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp – Mercury Wavelength – 18 Inch Arc Length – 23.25 Inch Total Length (end to end)

The UVT Part # 3217B716 UV Curing Lamp Bulb is a 100% guaranteed UV replacement lamp bulb that exceeds OEM standards of curing bulb performance. The lamp bulb is 100% compatible to the UVT UV systems and works well for the following part numbers:

  • 3217B16
  • M610305
  • UVT3217B16
  • UVL/3217

The lamp bulb is considered one of the high quality and highly effective UV emitters in the market. The lamp works well to dry and cure inks and coating in signs and graphics. The lamp contains a quartz plate that prevents debris from falling on the lamp by working as filler between the lamp and the curing system.

Used extensively in the printing industry to cure inks and coatings, the UV lamps resist smudges. It is environmental friendly as there is no process of solvent evaporation as conventional drying methods need. The result is higher printing quality, greater productivity and lower production costs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Fill: Mercury
  • Quartz: Standard
  • Arc Length: 18 inches
  • Total Length: 23.25 inches
  • Tube Diameter: 1.025 inches/26mm
  • Watts Per Inch: 400 WPI

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