Part # 11J02711

Guaranteed 100% Compatible Replacement Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp – Mercury Wavelength – 10 Inch Arc Length – 15 Inch Total Length (end to end)

The VTI Part # 11J02711 UV Curing Lamp Bulb is a 100% compatible replacement lamp bulb that has an arc length of 270mm and a total length of 15 inches. With an output power of 160 w/cm, this mercury filled lamp bulb exceeds OEM standards of curing bulb performance. The lamp bulb is compatible to the VTI UV systems and works for the following part numbers:

  • 11J02711

The replacement lamp work to cure or dry coatings in graphics and signs. The quartz glass plate on the curing lamp protects the lamp from debris and works as a filter between the curing system and the lamp. The plate also prevents dirt, grit and contaminants from building up on the lamp.

Made in the USA, the UV printer lamp bulb provides a predictable lifespan and helps in drying coatings of inks in signs and graphics. CureUV provides UV lamp for printers in different arc length and spectral fills. Curing bulbs do not release volatile organic compounds in air which makes them an extremely eco-friendly alternative than curing with the help of heat. The usage of light instead of heat enables the ink to harden and dry instantly.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output Power: 160 W/cm
  • Fill: Mercury
  • Quartz: Standard
  • Arc Length: 270mm
  • Overall Length: 15.00 Inches

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