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Natgraph NG1100 UV Lamp 46″ Arc Length

Natgraph NG1100 UV Lamp 46″ Arc Length

The Natgraph NG1100 UV Lamp 46″ Arc Length provides OEM quality and enhanced lamp life. We provide UV lamps for printers in different arc lengths and spectral fills at a cost-effective rate. Further, our lamps provide better UV output, are manufactured in the USA and have a predictable lifespan.

The replacement lamps work to dry coatings and inks in signs and graphics. The curing lamp consists of quartz glass plate that protects lamps from debris and works as a filler between the curing system and lamp. The plate prevents grit, dirt and contaminants from building up.

When UV lamps are used in printers, they are connected to the photo initiators and the ink raw materials. With a weak UV light, the ink fails to cure properly and will feel sticky. With an arc length of 46″ and 400 WPI, the UV replacement lamp, are subjected to strict quality control measures to give you the printing experience that you need. It is recommended that you replace the UV curing lamp every year. Studies have shown that as the bulb hour rises, the lamps tend to produce less UV light and more heat. The excessive heat can cause the printed media to bulge and also damage the shutters and reflectors in the lamp housing. This can lead to a bad output and also high repairing costs. Therefore it is recommended to use a good quality UV lamp to ensure your printer works seamlessly.

Note: CureUV.com stocks generic products that are 100% compatible with the original equipment.


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