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Durst Rho 320R UV Curing Lamp Bulb for 5.0KW Inkjet Digital Press

Guaranteed 100% Compatible Replacement Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp – Mercury Wavelength – 12 Inch Arc Length – 15.5 Inch Total Length (end to end)

CureUV’s Durst Rho 320R UV Curing Lamp Bulb For 5.0KW Inkjet Digital Press is a mercury filled UV lamp that has a total length of 15.5″ and an arc length of 12″. With an output power of 200 WPI, the guaranteed replacement bulb is compatible to the Durst Rho Inkjet Printer with the following part numbers:

  • Lambda 130
  • A31664
  • LB2099042
  • A 31664
  • S6512A14CSD
  • H12K3F1

CureUV.com offers you all the direct replacement UV parts for Durst Rho large format inkjet printers. Along with UV lamps, we also supply a wide selection of quartz glass plate, dichroic reflectors that are 100% compatible with Durst Rho printer systems. The Durst Rho printers are used widely in retail POP and POS signs, out-of home and transit advertising, exhibits, event decorations, banners, packaging and industrial textile finishing.

The UV lamp from CureUV is subject to strict quality control measures to give you the best printing experience you need. We recommended that you replace the UV bulb regularly to ensure better working of your printer.

The high-intensity UV rays help to instantly dry and cure inks and coatings in your printer. The UV lamp bulb uses light instead of heat. This enables the ink to dry and harden instantly. With UV curing you can also find a better alternative to traditional solvent based curing where there is always a risk of environmental pollution.

Technical Specifications:

  • Fill: Mercury
  • Quartz: Standard
  • Arc Length: 12 Inches
  • Overall Length: 15.5 Inches
  • Output Power: 200 WPI

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