Part # I-450-NA-2-75 NILPETER IST

REF: 105IS


Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp – Iron Wavelength – 17.875 Inch Arc Length – 22.25 Inch Total Length (end to end)

The guaranteed generic replacement for the IST Part # I-450-NA-2-75 UV Curing Lamp Bulb is a  UV lamp that is filled with iron metal halide and an arc length of 17.87 inches. The lamp bulb has an overall length of 22.25 inches and a tube diameter of 26mm. The 600 WPI lamp bulb exceeds OEM standards of UV curing bulb performance and is compatible to the IST UV systems to the following part numbers:

  • I450NA275
  • 1450NA275B
  • F18IST1-6-F1
  • UVL/1218-M
  • 158827
  • MBS 5B

The lamp work to cure or dry coatings in graphics and signs. The quartz glass plate on the curing lamp protects the lamp from debris and works as a filter between the curing system and lamp. The plate also prevents dirt, grit and contaminants from building up on the lamp.

The UV printer lamp bulb provides a predictable lifespan and helps in drying coatings of inks in signs and graphics. Curing bulbs do not release volatile organic compounds in air which makes them an extremely eco-friendly alternative than curing with the help of heat. The usage of light instead of heat enables the ink to harden and dry instantly.

Technical Specification:

  • Fill: Iron Metal-Halide
  • Quartz: Standard
  • Arc Length: 17.875 inches
  • Overall Length: 22.25 inches
  • Tube Diameter: 26mm
  • REF: 105IS


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